Superstar SEO Academy Review

Superstar SEO Academy Review

This is my Superstar SEO Academy Review. When you’re done reading it, I believe you will find out how to rank any website, video, or online property on any search engine. Chris M. Walker and Jeff Coseo team up to provide you the best SEO course known to man.

What makes this Superstar SEO Academy review so special is that I am an active member in this online learning course. I was actually one of the first to join. My results? Amazing!

Superstar SEO Academy – Try it for $1

I got my first 2 SEO clients because of this course. I also have created 3 affiliate websites and have ranked this site number 1 in Maps for my chosen keyword. Superstar SEO Academy is by far the best search engine optimization course you can get yourself into.

superstar seo academy review
Chris M. Walker and Jeff Coseo team up to show you how they rank their clients websites and make massive amounts of money!

How Much Does Superstar SEO Academy Cost?

I have been in many SEO courses and I’ll tell you right now that this is super affordable. It pays it self off and some when you follow the training. The price is $67 per month or you can trial it for 14 days for $1. The only draw back with that is the price goes to $99 if you trial it.

Superstar SEO Academy – $67 Per Month

If that price is too high, then all “learning how to rank your website” courses are too much for you. I used to be in one course that I paid $500 per month! Yikes! It was great and all, but man I couldn’t afford that.

What this Course Teaches You

The main goal I wanted to accomplish when writing my Superstar SEO Academy review was to tell you what this course teaches you. First, you can learn at your own pace because there are hundreds of videos. Jeff Coseo creates most of the videos and Chris M. Walker does a small portion. In this course you will master:

Local SEO. This is the main focus on the course. You can scale your SEO agency by following Chris M. Walker and Jeff Coseo’s ways of finding and ranking clients websites. It is a true A-Z fool-proof guide. You literally just have to follow the steps and you’ll rank anything! That’s why I created this Superstar SEO Academy Review.

Affiliate SEO. This is a hidden gem in this course. I would say most people that are in Superstar SEO Academy are there to get clients and build their agency. However, the way Chris M. Walker teaches keyword research is how you can really make money doing affiliate SEO.

E-Commerce SEO. You will learn how to properly set up your e-commerce site and how to optimize products and pages. Jeff Coseo is big in e-commerce and has many successful websites that he shows on his teaching videos. All you have to do is follow what he teaches.

Final Thoughts on Superstar SEO Academy

Here’s the best thing about this course… you get full support on facebook. There is a private group where you receive 24/7 support in case you ever hit a bump in the road. The community is great and you will get a solution to your problem almost instantly. You can’t ask for anything better than that.

Surround yourself with the best and you have a chance to become the best. I believe that my Superstar SEO Academy review has covered that.